Essential Oils To Deter Cats From Peeing On Carpet


You have to keep looking for the right kind and the right. Organization of the arbitration, any one of those parties may. According to numerous vets, the concept that dogs and cats need to use their peripheral vision is false. Physiology of toxicosis: nitrogen in ruminant rations is. The flea eggs are white, egg-shaped objects smaller than the head of a pin, but visible to the naked eye. Whichever one you choose, a motion activated sprinkler was a humane, and hilarious way to train my neighbor's cats to do their business elsewhere. Studies show that marijuana can affect your sleep in many ways. Cats are quite unique and individual in their preferences, so experiment and see what she prefers. While these are the major pros, it isn’t without some cons as well. Haven't found a way to keep spiders out, but i do let harmless ones hang around.

essential oils to deter cats from peeing
essential oils to deter cats from peeing

The veterinarian, who knew these things, offered referral to the icu overnight facility but did discuss his poor prognosis and gave an estimate of cost for the transfer. 1959 ford swb custom cab big window project. The single most important goal for the obstructed cat is to have the blockage removed. Following are some of the critical factors that can influence the flush out time of marijuana from your body system:. Your vet may have the answer.

They don't necessarily have to hit the hole - as long as they are using lk, it's all good. It is also handy for. You create one of the following magical effects within range. They will get sick and never mind if someone says they won't, don't take chances with your pets, and for heaven's sake, don't listen to people who'll say 'my cat/dog eats chocolate all the time. Also, it sounds like you have quite a few litter trays already, but a good rule of thumb is 1 tray per cat +1. It can be a way of asserting dominance, and you don't want your dog to be dominant over you. The veterinary medical center is one of the largest specialty referral centers in the world, with more than 35,000 farm, equine, and companion animal patients each year. Don't choose what you like best, choose what you think your cat will like best. Of humans, yeasts and fungi, bacteria, mycoplasmas,.

Though hoods do create privacy, they also create a dark and perhaps worrisome environment with only one way in or out for your cat. First you must show him or her were the litter box is than when you think they are going to use the rest room( squatting, or sitting in one spot for a long time) than you lift them up and set them in there box. Kids in diapers don’t hold; many toilet-trained children do. The leyland cypress is a sterile hybrid tree, which means it does not produce any pollen. All you need to do is purchase a steam cleaner and the problem is solved. Your cat-allergic relative, for example, probably tries her best to steer clear of your cat, while your cat likely considers her to be a non-threatening presence worthy of companionship. Is there an indoor cat pan.

Stones that cannot be passed through the urinary tract must be surgically removed during a procedure called a cystotomy. Alphalight is a great company that offers mind blowing guarantee… if you buy this uv flashlight and still can’t detect hidden pet urine marks. Buy some fly screen and hold it on with blu-tac. There are two options for treatment. "le mieux est l'ennemi du bien. Squeeze a whole lemon in 6 ounces of water and add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (for children use half). Presence of no harmful ingredients or chemicals will bring on no threats to you or any of your family members. Use white vinegar to avoid introducing a new stain to your furniture. The elf cat a brand new breed was listed on this site too late to be included in the popularity poll. Especially later in the game when he goes with a mysterious mad scientist who promises him power in order to accomplish his goals and said "power" ends up giving him a super powered evilside and he ends up fighting his friends.

Ticks, ticks, ticks, i have had more than i can handle. Run your hand over the top and bottom of your mattress, inside the mattress cover. Well, i feel like saying to these idiots, you’re the ignorant fools who elected conservative presidents and congresses for the past several decades and caused the inflation and budget cuts that led to all of these problems. Automatic cat box is 3 months old and has failed. The vet said she looks awesome for her age. If you cannot post within our rules, your post will be removed entirely and you will be hearing from us to discuss your decision to post inappropriately. Another purpose of urine is as a way of carrying signal chemicals cats use to communicate with other cats. It will go well with any outfit, as it’s petite and only measures about 6 and ¾ inches. If the cats are comfortable, you can leave them together to let them groom, and then separate them. Rats in a 1/4 acre enclosure that was almost entirely predator-proof.

This behavior has never happened with my other cats that were fixed. What if you hadn’t been there at all. We also supply large parts of the uk national health service (the nhs). You will lay down your shock collar/transmitter and not use it (have it on the dog, either) with your dog(s) and your clients' dogs and show the level of training you can reach without it on video. I would continue flushing the wound 2-3 times a day with a 5/1 water/peroxide mix. Adding vinegar to the wash may help eliminate the urine odor. Music will be provided by moonshine and wine. I am trying to determine if it is allergy related. Thickly sprinkle it on the no no spots and dust it in.

My siamese, manny, is a big head bunter. Applying odor neutralizers anywhere your cat has sprayed may prevent him from spraying there again. Scared too death for a cat scan. It's rare that a skunk will spray inside a vehicle, but it can happen from time to time. One of the nastiest jobs around the house is cleaning the toilet, but it’s got to be done. They also have no permanent burning fuse, which makes them even more economical. In fact she teased me and told me it was a wonderful idea to put a cat box in my room, the most non-private, and worst places of all to put it.

"title":"10 signs your cat loves you",. If so, it means you don't need to bother with the hassle of taking the collar off every time you take your dog out. Cats are creatures of habit, and once your cat gets used to doing something, he’ll be hard-pressed to give it up. Forewarned is forearmed, what you need in your arsenal are the following items:. Neutering does not affect his bones in later life. Neem oil is pressed from the fruits and seeds of the evergreen neem tree (. Sergeant’s cat spot on treatments also contain etofenprox, but the company has spot on dog products that contain cyphenothrin and products that contain permethrin, moderately toxic pyrethroids. E’re sorry but pam is unable to respond to questions or remarks posted in the comment section. About three-and-a-half months after mating, the female is ready to give birth. How to ditch ‘em: once again, the best way to get rid of rodents is to control the environment.

In one experiment, 2 cats co-opearted to haul the food towards them. I pretty much do have her teathered to me so i usually catch her in the act. It is produced naturally in the human body and in nature—in water, soil and air, even in tiny bacteria molecules. Drops, cough drops, mouthwash, chewing tobacco, and a host of other. Skyrim; it only needs to spout ass jokes and politically incorrect caricatures at any given frame, and in that,. Put on music or tv to muffle sounds. Confirm pregnancy by other means before starting. To crush any possibility of them ever reappearing again in the kitchen, spare bedroom or garage – first, get rid of the source of food. I'm glad you're taking her to the vet, just n'thing that the golden rule for litterboxen is "one for each cat, plus one", which means you need another litterbox anyway. I measured it with a dollar bill (fun fact.

Last summer, the then 10-month-old. “whatever you’re taking in, you should be putting out,” fara bellows, m. Inside one of the houses in veselý kopec museum. For bags, you can also use an opened box of baking soda in the same way. Never heard of anyone smelling of cocaine and besides how do you know what it smells like. Carefully introduced friendly routines of handling, feeding and playing will help provide reassurance, providing such contact does not further alarm the cat at any stage. Be cautious about who you trust, obviously. If the finish is durable and the tape residue is being difficult you could use a soft cotton cloth with a small amount of rubbing alcohol to break down the adhesive first. And intermittently elsewhere but this is the worst as its on carpet so very difficult to clean and a horrible brown stain is developing despite cleaning it regularly with specialist cleaner containing enzymes to break the urine down.

We may occasionally encounter the dog flea, ctenocephalides canis, but despite its name, the cat flea is the most common type of flea to infect pets including dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits. Those with problem skin or anyone wishing to support the natural immunity of their skin. One of the symptoms of tyrodinaemia type 1 is a odor like cabbage or rancid butter.  when i fed her this evening i noticed that her milk teeth are in quite a way, so i have a feeling she is a bit older than three weeks. Fewer cats that are capable of reproduction means that fewer cats can be produced overall. The study titled reproductive capability is associated with lifespan and cause of death in companion dogs shows that neutered male dogs live 14% longer and females 26% longer then their intact counterparts. I wanted to share my experience in hopes that maybe it will help others and their suffering won’t be as long as mine.

" joe scoffs, "i'll skewer that crew of loud poncho wearing nannies if it's the last thing i do. A flea is usually brought into a home by a furred animal of some kind, and this can of course be domestic pets such as dogs and cats. Diseases such as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (hps) can be spread from mice to cats, and from mice to humans. My cat is 16 years old and i went to the vet to have some teeths removed. Twelve panel drug is often administered as an extension to the 10 panel test and looks for either the presence of extended opiates and prescription painkillers, or can look for traces of other controlled substances if that is dangerous to the workplace. Neem oil shampoo for dogs and neem oil spray for dogs are both commercially produced and available for purchase at pet stores and other retailers.

  i didn’t physically hurt anyone or break anything, but i know i scared them… man, i scared myself. Fear defeats more people than poverty, ignorance, superstition, ill health or lack of mental ability. If you have particular worries about your dogs, or they have previously been very inactive, it’s worth consulting with your veterinarian to create an exercise plan.

Essential Oils To Deter Cats From Peeing

See why it’s called an “arctic desert”. Kyle still made it a point to break his x-box after they come back from new york and la curing aids. Also he has been fixed since he was 1 and he'[s been to the vet and he doesn't have an uti or any other bladder problems. Reasons why your cat is meowing constantly. Giving any of these medications with fluoxetine may cause the pet to bruise or bleed easily. Neutering just removes the reproductive nerve but sometimes the cat just is used to these behaviors and continues. It can be used to detect stains on furniture, bookshelves, inside vents, clothing, cloth decorations and anywhere else you can think of. Didn't for months and months really makes it seem that there's some quite specific thing that sets it off, instead of just catwackyness. My cat has bladder infection/stone issues. Wyatt has filed a notice to sue the city, and the commanding officers' union has filed a grievance challenging the demotion.

This is a joint supplement, can be used as an anti-inflammatory. The second most-cited reason cats are returned to the amarillo animal shelter is because someone in the adopter’s household has spontaneously developed. Their shape helps them easily slip into and hide in cracks and crevices. Anemia is a medical term referring to a reduced number of circulating red blood cells (rbc's), hemoglobin (hb), or both. The above article is a "straight answers" column he wrote for the. Is it real or not is my qustion. This spray is safe to use on dogs, however, cats might be too sensitive.

Feliway® spray 15 minutes before introducing your cat. Adrenal gland cancer can cause intermittent increases in heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate that coincide with surges in hormone production. Cats need comforting with things through their food. I’ll explain why views are changing on this, but if you decide to take your puppy out visiting before he has had all his shots, you will need to follow the safety guidelines below. Cats can have medical issues that can cause spraying as well. This interpretation is further supported by a line from roger bacon in from the new world claiming he has never seen an Émigré ritual.

Usually, there will be an adoption fee involved. These toxins are sent to the kidneys where they are dissolved in water, filtered out, and excreted from the body during urination. Today, clinical studies have identified colloidal silver as strong enough to eradicate even antibiotic-resistant super pathogens. My cat - same problem.   xu maomao wants to cry without tears: finished, he remembers the yacht play he wrote, especially what is more horrible. Ear mites are parasitic insects that commonly attack dogs and cats.

He is in his stall while the others are out in the pasture. If you do use them, always test a small patch first, to see if the product stains or removes waterproofing properties. I'm kind of scared of clipping so i hope it falls off. Vet may suggest some diet changes to rule out a specific food allergy.   once your pet is diagnosed it becomes a lifelong concern. When i chatted to cats protection about adoption, rather than look at me as if i was bonkers, they saw me as the possible answer to one of their cat’s very unique needs.

These essential oils release smells to deter cats from peeing. Yes you can, depends on it if they have fleas or anything like that you should always get it checked by a vet. If you are having this problem with your dog or cat, consult with your vet to rule out health problems and create a training or scheduling routine that will help teach proper behavior. If an older dog is chewing things he is not supposed to chew on it is usually nutritional deficiency. Little accidents happen when you have children and pets. Squirrel feces - pictures, danger, and diseases. But plenty spray or have just sprayed as they do and it's too bad for them and their kin. We hope you can get a load of information about natural chemistry flea spray for cat from this post.

Sounds like the day is coming you won't have any choice but to have him put to sleep, that's a hard thing to have to do, a cat we had for 12 yrs we had to put down to keep her from suffering. 2015 gundlach bundschu gewürztraminer, sonoma coast, sonoma, california. Proteins from furry pets, which are found in their skin secretions (dander), saliva and urine (it's actually. Says if i had enough ammoniain my blood to smell it in my nose, i'd have serious mental issues. According to sarah richards, you will never have to clean up the mess of your cat again. Pooh was with me for 16 years. " she described nora as "tasteful and kind of folksy, a middle-american woman approaching middle age. Colour vision may be examined by colour samples. Take in a relationship before giving a partner his or her walking papers. Gastrointestinal leaks occur in as many as 5% of patients and can be repaired as long as it is caught early.

Read the label to find the right product for your bug problem. Now i appreciate that they know far more than i do about what is good for them, especially about what is going on for them at any particular time. I've used it specifically to get information on how to read my cat's blood work. But mostly they all share the same space. Care if sensitive crops are planted next to them. If you are based in the european economic area (“eea”), a consent window will appear when. As with all animal allergies, experts recommend that you confirm a suspected allergy with testing.

Speaking of devices, check out this copper pipe ipad stand. Spraying in the house even though neutered  house soiling is the most common behavior problem in cats despite nearly all of them being spayed and neutered. He also likes hair ties, my feet, chasing a mouse down the hallway and playing peek-a-boo. These are cats who have been lost or abandoned and might receive food and intermittent care from one or more residents in a community. To for a few weeks. And definitely nobody can hold it within the time of day. Is there a home remedy for diarrhea in cats. David and his two sisters were all born in that same upstairs room.

There is no reason for you to miss out on the therapeutic effects of different essential oils. It not good to practice this method, but there are timeseveryone is "caught short" so we do. I spend most of my time with my daddy and will always try to protect him, unless i’m napping. Silicone spray: right up there with wd-40, but at least it’ll shed water while your parts grind themselves into little shavings. Cats coming to us for rehoming are also sponsored by the originating family who can no longer look after them but are happy to support their upkeep while with us.

Every cat has something remarkable about him or her. Basically my mare (approx 520kg, 16. Once the polyps have disappeared, do the anulom vilom for 20 minutes daily. Encourage them to feel more happy about the experience. A piece of cardboard or linoleum can also serve as the bottom of the pen. I wobbled as i stood.

Repeat blotting until no more urine appears on the towel. Rake the shag with your fingers, so it is standing straight, and press a section of the strands between two pieces of dry paper towel. Frontline for cats contains fipronil which is a member of the phenylpyrazole family of non-systemic insecticides/acaricides, which acts by blocking the gaba receptor to kill the target parasite on contact. The training consultant's job involves a good deal of evaluation. The person said it takes a couple of times, but that it works great. Merry christmas to you too. "i could stay in here all day, just bring me food and water. It's not disgusting, really, just very, very ripe, earthy and round. Permethrin which is toxic and quite often fatal to cats. Sandra bullock was the aloof professional, helena bonham carter continued to play a sort of mess, cate blanchett, as always was just super hot and cool all at the same time.

The dosage for a dog would be bigger than the dosage for a cat, so it might make your cat sick. These soft paws are exactly that. Two officers were also injured during the shoot-out, and younce was fatally shot. Instead, you should approach this problem with patience and ease and understand that if your cat is showing new behaviors, chances are likely that something else is going poorly in their lives, and that they need loving attention, not to be yelled at. Refusing to use a litter tray.

Reply:i wouldn't worry too much about it, but i would check it's teeth to make sure one isn't infected, because sometimes cat's get food stuck in their teeth and it can rot them. Tell us about it in the comments. Are you ready for this commitment. The tree is still up. This typically begins up to two days prior to labor, but it may only begin a few hours prior. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that if a product is being sold at the store, not some shady corner market but a chain store like cvs in my case, that the consumer should be able to assume it’s safety. In contrast, as a cat ages, the eyes tend to look more cloudy or hazy. Must read if you love your cat to bits but is frustrated when he/she keeps spraying in your house.

The product is a liquid containing the active ingredient lufenuron. " way to put yourself in the position of another person, articulate your and their thoughts, and sling a compound-complex sentence, kiddo. It really does look like this cat has an immense you-know-what. It's the "it" vegetable's more colorful cousin. This article may be your instant easy fix. We can deliver to any address - your home, your place of work, to a carer or neighbour. Some cats and dogs like flavored water; you can try low sodium chicken or beef broth, or tuna juice. We will also make sure that strays and ferals are spayed/ neutered to stop uncontrolled breeding and reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned kittens. Lulu, teddy and emma (the dogs). Is there perhaps a new cat in his territory perhaps spraying the outside of your home and working him into such a behavior.

For quite a lot of factors, i quickly thereafter started learning cat vitamins. Cat litter box reviews won’t be complete without sharing the various types of litter box for cats. Red, & yellow food color (mix to make orange icing). My cat is bleeding after a catheter. Most cats react to catnip by rolling, flipping, rubbing, and eventually zoning out.

Bruising a leaf and then rubbing it on your skin will provide protection from flies and other biting insects. The lid folds back for easy scooping and cleaning, and it can be left folded back for cats that prefer an open pan. The best solution in fact is to get a cat. This is a product to avoid.

Essential Oils To Deter Cats From Peeing On Carpet

  mercury can stop the duplication process of cells and lead to the death of the fetus. You also need to understand what led to the hole. I have been under some stress for some time over the oast few months, at my heaviest i’ve ever been 183, haven’t been sexually active in quite some time months though married no external partners. Want something natural for our dog. Overweight cat and has never refuse food before.

Just more like a wire transfer.   this is often not understood by many carpet cleaning professionals or for some, not acknowledged simply because they do not have the most effective equipment and it would be cost prohibitive to obtain it. But re-attaching the carpet properly means using a carpet kicker, which you can rent (ouch. My cat is 18 years old and he starts having his moments at random times during the night. When cat plants himself in front of you or on top of your work, pick him up and place him where you want him to stay and if he stays there without jumping back up, reward him. I can't deal with blood. I know him since long like 6years but not seen him as a kitten. I’ve always been more of a dog person than a cat person, so sometimes behaviors i see at the cats-only boarding facility throw me for a loop.

They often suggest a specific diet and often this is still a dry, prescription kibble. Their peaceful ways and start kickboxing. Similar to repellent chemical treatments, barrier treatments require a chemical to be sprayed into the ground around a structure. Perhaps more importantly, the code of office conduct now required that a spitball be delivered via cannon shot. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothes that hide your arms and legs. Dry baking soda rubbed directly on clothing can remove the smell of vomit or baby spit-up.

Her behavior has not changed, just her eating habits. ) but then i read a post about cats & dogs getting the hot peppers into their eyes & digging their eyes out because of the pain (all t takes is a little wind. There are many sizes, colors and shapes (some are full cat lounges); observe your cat's scratching habits to make sure you get one they will enjoy. They do attack from the trees, and still others say that ticks will climb some shorter trees but not necessarily jump from them. Researchers don't understand, the skin has a reaction. Best thing to do is sit tight and continue providing him a loving. Grew up strong and healthy. Maybe try moving two boxes to the main floor first (each with a different litter) and see what happens. These spot on treatments are liquid flea and tick repellent (some do other insects as well) that you place directly on your pet. Susan had heard a noise and sent me down to check on it.

"fixing" your cat won't affect the strength of the odor of his urine, but it should curb his compulsion to mark his territory. For a powder to sprinkle on carpets when the odor is. A good percentage of cats do not like lavender and would turn up their noses at that freshly refilled lavender-scented litter box. Evaluated by one of three researchers using the hospital's emr. My response was that i was waiting to read the book first, because sometimes i just liked to do that. So sometimes breeders will have lovely cats available at 6 months to a year old which will make great pets for the right home. Have you taken the cat to your vet to get checked.

Each family, or clan, boasted their own unique abilities in which they excelled. I had a congested nose and itchy skin, especially my eye lids. Typically, it’s the kittens and younger cats who show an interest in christmas trees so hopefully, you’ll be able to ease up on this type of fort knox security tree prep after the first year or two. Spenser only needed a diaper for a few weeks after his bladder surgery. Install a strand or two of barbed wire or electric fencing along the top as well.

Sometimes, a cat will urinate on anything new that comes in to the home, such as suitcases, shopping bags, etc. Pet wellness:care for all ages. The recipe make a lot of spray starch. Keeps working for up to a month before you need to re-apply it. Both decongestants and antihistamines can be helpful in relieving your pet’s allergy symptoms, but they aren’t always used interchangeably. As the urine leaves your body, it interacts with the air and can release odors and even become bubbly depending on what is contained in your urine.

I think most people are super nervous at first —we sure we’re. Catcher, you are in the right place. It can take a few weeks for a new kitty to settle in. I have used frontline on my boston terrier for almost 12 yr. Prevent stones, which can block the urinary system, from forming. However by this time his hair has grown back, returning his powers to him and he pulls down the walls of the temple killing himself and 3,000 philistines who had gathered on the roof of the temple to watch him. She swallows as if her throat is sore. Have learned how to open doors, and not just by pulling at the bottom, but by. Various herbs are also cited as being beneficial for alleviating. Jim - hilton head, south carolina.

It kills all adult fleas on cat within hour. Three-fourths of kidney tissue must be damaged before signs of illness. Favored areas of the victim cat may be marked by the aggressor, causing the victim to avoid those areas. Ok, you can stop pointing and laughing at me, people. ” we’ve been taught from an early age that brushing our own teeth is essential.

In the wild, there are many species of big cats that actually enjoy the water. Highly efficient f, cu doped tio2 anti-bacterial visible light active photocatalytic coatings to combat hospital-acquired infections. If kitty is all tired from playing in the evenings, chances are much better that he will leave you alone at night. Does that have something to do with it. “i can’t even imagine what that would feel like. Doing something to soothe your conscience doesn't turn you into a hero. She has a lot of experience, but until then i am feeding this little mite i guess while trying to keep a distance in the emotional sense.

Many owners have tried surgical remedies. Petco/petsmart vaccination clinics (lincoln & omaha). Clean and dry your skin regularly. Put a little pet toothpaste on your finger when you’re rubbing. A raw diet can be the very simplest diet and best for allergies. This dream could have a number of different meanings to various dreamers. Green cleaning products aren’t reliant on fossil fuels.

Other than the epoxy glue lubricant, it works perfectly. Eventually, the limbs will become stiff and unmovable. Make sure all cats have a "safe" place to escape to. - utibill ci corona ca au. Flea eggs can survive in the fibres of the carpets or inner recesses of the couch.

The enzymatic solution is activated by your dog’s saliva. She was throwing up for a couple of days before the straining to pee started as well. (auditory) portion of the inner ear. The doctor then explained why whistling is a bad idea. That might have drained through the bottom of refrigerator into the pan). Dr mcmillan, who now works for best friends animal society, an organisation which rehomes animals and addresses their welfare, say obesity in cats and dogs should be readdressed, with owners looking at their pet's emotional problems rather than just rationing their food. Methods of manufacturing meth have changed over the years to the.

)it is worth it's weight in gold and have always used a breathable waterproof matress cover on it. Wanting to change, make friends, and experience new things is one of his main motives to complement himself, but it's a bit of a struggle for adrien and it worries him every now and then. "title":"how cats can affect personal relationships",. Crf, calcitriol to help keep parathyroid hormone levels under control,. Around for products that will help you take care of the problem. Cats sometimes play with their menu.

Klaus forced kol to hand over the paragon diamond. But please do heed my medical advise regarding the ill-advised use of a prosthetic device such as a catheter. Conventional litter is less expensive to buy, but it quickly gets urine-soaked and must be thrown away every few days, lest your home begin to. Then, the cat litter is removed from the box, typically by lifting the box, turning it, and then pouring the litter out of the box, over the edge of one or more of the side walls. Lifespan is nearly seventeen years in captivity and eleven years in the wild. It could be the litter tray arrangements (cleanliness, positioning, type of litter etc etc) or it could be that she has more general issues with her life and that's her main way of showing it. If you have a laid-back cat who loves his kitty treats, leaving some in the carrier may work for you.

How are you cleaning up the pee. The cat urinates a very small amount each time. My 5 year had an accident (the first in a year and i had moved the pee pad to her sister's bed.   an aluminum oxide embedded finish with several layers of polyurethane is one example of a pet friendly hardwood finish. Carpet cleaning machines have become quite affordable, and easy tostore. We also know that the tortoiseshell cat coat is sex-linked. This results in a very foul odor, which seems to be bad breath, but is actually from the anal glands.

Topical: dilute 1 drop with 1 drop of v-6™ vegetable oil complex or olive oil. Possible medical causes and factors for nocturia include:. So it's not like she hasn't been doing anything to detox. Or that a particularly depressing or. (12) they breed in the spring most often, but female rats actually can be in heat year-round. Looks like we are not the only ones having this problem. If you get up close to a modern siamese cat, the appearance is (for me at least) a little artificial and man made looking. The snakes are become a serious problem.

I wanted others to know this so that they could be discerning on what they chose to use. In winter they have warm  beds that are washed regularly.   therefore, i think that it is best to leave salt dough for at least a day in a centrally heated home or in a dry airing cupboard before painting to ensure items are quite hard.   here is the underside of the cushion.