How To Get Rid Of Male Cat Spray Smell Outside


Are nausea, fever, bloody urine, or burning on urination. If this behavior is something new in your cat, it’s worth a trip to the veterinarian. Because we hike often we’ll be dosing her every month until the weather cools. I was about to carefully pick her up but she tried a second and on the third attempt she managed to get up the stairs. Are you one of the 85% -- or in one of these groups that may suggest deficiencies. My inspector should have unplugged them.

Sadly, the reason many cats are surrendered to shelters is because of problems like inappropriate litter box use, and these very often solvable problems are a real threat to some cats' homes.   rabbits that often drink from bowls can sometimes get dermatitis, so also look for redness and irritation. And the age of the animal infected. Never take oxycontin in larger amounts, or for longer than prescribed. I have even tried it on dried stains that i didn't know were there and it also takes out the smell and stain. Oh dear - makes you wonder why the cat peed on them in the first place. Using a cat training alarm. The restoration of urine flow “flushes” numerous casts out of the tubules. My husband suggested i put a piece of cling film across the gap between seat and bowl which stops my urine from going under the seat. Neutering male/male and female/female pairs also means they are more likely to live together without fighting.

You can mix 1 part white distilled vinegar with 2 parts water and apply it to the spot, rinse with warm water, and wet vac. I know they can smell me. A urinalysis should be performed every 3-6 months to look for crystals in the urine and monitor the ph. They are produced in order to affect the habits of the same types. As the cat’s urine has ammonia, the use of ordinary domestic cleaners that are made of ammonia may not take away the odor or stain. As far as chemical treatments, an insect growth regulator (igr) is the best way to prevent any eggs and larvae from reaching adulthood.

In mind that the mother and puppies could get tapeworms if they have had. Getting her into rescue was quite a long process. If so, she might just need a companion. • problems or difficulty executing certain movements (climbing stairs, jumping on the couch, agility obstacles). It is best to practice a bit on a piece of paper to get the hang of spraying first.

Factors to consider in choosing something to keep your cat healthy and happy:. A total serum calcium level is very easy to measure, and most veterinarians can routinely test for this. We ended up in north carolina, and last year moved to the little town of bethania. Fair warning - your cat is probably not going to be happy aboutthis. I'll probably wind up using both on this project:. Baby food (make sure the baby food does not contain any onion).

We recommend screening all cats for kidney and other common geriatric diseases annually starting at 8 years of age. Here is where i was able to test exactly what this 230cc was capable of in steadily increasing increments to the edge of her performance envelope. What does it mean to pee on somebody in your dream then you wet the bed. The "someone" is this dream might represent an aspect of yourself, or a problem you need to solve in real life. Has a lot of accidents your carpet and padding will not survive very long. The only problem is to re-coat or re-stain the wood so as to make the color consistent with the rest of the floor. For this test, i used white vinegar as my contaminant. Conjunctivitis, which is an inflammation or infection of the eyes. Lately i have been aware that she has developed a. For individuals not previously exposed to oc effects, the general feelings after being sprayed can be best likened to being "set alight.

I do not have a glowing stamp above my tail. Epa determined that products made from these all-natural ingredients do not require registration. The product is so good and he doesn't mind taking it with his food. Actually, close to two-thirds of owned cats live indoors either exclusively or for a majority of the time. The second, more difficult step is to teach your cat to use only the scratcher.   in addition to urine marking, cats use scratching, facial rubbing,  and middening (depositing feces) to leave a message. A trip to the vet is quite a big ordeal as your cat needs to go through being transported in a carrier, going for a car ride, meeting a stranger who pokes and prods, and maybe having some nasty medicine. Works on carpets, fabrics and upholstery.

Of course, there might have been many reasons for that, but i suspect that the pheromones from feliway played a role. Running around) as it is with just one person — and. Increased individual sentience within each cell, extrasensory coordination, the cells are smart enough to not only know where you are but which structure to take. I had to train her and decided instead of talking about her i would clean her chair. Rub your hands gently over your dog’s nose, around their eyes, behind the ears, etc. Four (4) corner terrace areas, including the verizon northeast corner terrace & uhealth, university of miami health system southeast corner terrace. Help your repellent by also covering up as much as possible and not wearing perfume or aftershave. Pros: automatically sifts litter after each use.

A study in the 1990 edition of the “journal of physiology and behavior” found that drinks with five percent ethanol did not work any better than cool water at neutralizing peppers’ heat. By hand would be time consuming and require considerable pressure to. The second question was how to make sure she left and didn’t return. Fill an empty sprayer bottle with water, and two teaspoons of dawn dishwashing liquid (or your favorite brand). While cheese has long been touted as a favorite of mice and rats, mostly in cartoons, it doesn’t specifically appeal to them. So if you have more than one cat, or he meets other cats a lot, that could cause it. To do this, vacuum up a piece of tissue paper that has been soaked with undiluted peppermint oil soap, then vacuum your house. As for vinegar, i'm pretty sure it does work really well. I have 7 cats, 2 dogs and work for a rescue group.

That can be a very bad idea as odors just keep getting worse and worse and you eventually have a difficult situation to deal with. Especially if there is no litter box and water in the area the cat is. The bed, she is trying to get away from her sleeping area and maybe even to her litter box. The lining of the nose can trap and filter out microscopic impurities from the air. She was invited to a dinner at their mansion to meet the parents and was very nervous about it. Different animals have different kinds of color vision. Last year i used some borax powder when i saw one and that seemed to cure it. Some theorize that valerian might attract cats because its pungent smell mimics the scent of cat urine. Most of these animals are the consequence of unexpected litters that could have been avoided by spaying and neutering. A cat may freeze in a low crouch before pouncing, twitch her tail, flick her ears back and forth, and/or wrap her front feet around a person’s hands or feet while biting.

Not much is removed just because it's become ineffective. An ideal product for an environmentally conscious cat owner.  choose a hardwood with a pronounced grain. Cats can and do add pleasure to our lives. Does the cranberry juice drug test method work to pass a drug test. Research shows that up to 30 percent of cats that are urinating in the house may have an underlying medical problem, so start by taking your cat to the veterinarian for a checkup. "it was so long ago at this point, i just wish him so much goodness, and i felt that from him, too," she said. Whatever is the causes, dehydration ultimately leads to the production of concentrated urine.

I don't think he smelled any worse than a dog normally would smell who just slept in a puddle of urine. Had we applied this to a light colored wood, the color would have been incredibly strong. Steven feldman, habri’s executive director, says funding and promoting this research is a natural act of corporate philanthropy for these businesses. 8 hours on skin, up to 10 hours on hair. From personal experience, the effects happen as soon as that smoke goes thru the lungs.

If this does happen to be the problem then she should return to using her litter box as soon as her discomfort fades away. "when we go into a meth lab, we have on respirators, tyvec suits, shoe coverings, gloves and eye goggles," says sgt. Rule this possibility out first. I've been doing this for over a month now, and since it's always warm here (we're in hawaii), we can always keep the windows open and the smell really isn't bad. According to medical research, apple cider vinegar has proved to be beneficial with respect to blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss, and acid reflux, to name a few. One in the morning and one in the evening, and about 4/5 cup of dry food available to her all day. Enjoy going to see your doctor and talking on the phone more.

Why do you have to go to bed. So the epa recommends using nonchemical methods of pest control whenever possible. Do they go out for food in daylight or at night. "there's that adage, 'think outside the box,'" says carole wilbourn, a new york city-based cat therapist. Removes plaque and tartar buildup, the cause of bad breath.

Dogs’ ancestors are pack animals, while cats descend from the african wildcat, a generally solitary creature. Adult:  the emerging adult feeds on its host, mates, and continues the life cycle. A cat’s olfactory system extends through nearly their entire head. You ain't ever gotta worry, i'm down for you, baby. Oh, for god's sake don't stick your cat's nose in the poop. You’ll also learn about how to use the instincts of your cat to kill the unappealing peeing problem. Are two cats really better than one in your experience. ‘fell’ is from the old french word. Already own an adult dog with.

How To Get Rid Of Male Cat Spray Smell

1) frontline, frontline plus, and frontline spray are allsafe and effective against fleas. But, honestly, there’s nothing in the bowl that she wouldn’t be better off not having. After doing lots of research on cat food i decided to switch my cat to the wellness indoor dry cat food. Antibiotics are completely safe to use. My kids love to help clean – and this is a worry-free way to actually do that. Rub the paste into the brush, working it into each hair, right down to the base. Will find better hosts to feed off of, dogs, cats, other small furry animals and humans. Some of these traits cross over. Most protocols are based on years of study and altered based upon our years of experience with the specific drugs in the drugs in the protocol. I am very self concious and feel embarassed when i go in front of large crowds.

All mixed together, the result should’ve been gross. Last time i smelled a dead burnt body was at my redneck bbq aa few years back. These are peppermint, garlic, lemon grass, and thyme, to name a few.  this boost of calcium helped with her milk production. We could have purchased the moon. Prednisolone is also a risk to cause seizures. Kidney and bladder stones: cats can form mineral crystals and stones in any part of the urinary tract. This page continues into more pages and there are some helpful links for other potential cat issues, too. Prices of all products are on the right, or to go to the order page.

6 inches, there's plenty of room for a large cat to enter and exit. Hopefully not in your yard. If you notice any other colors thoroughly mix the litter and monitor your cat’s prettylitter closely over the next 24 to 48 hours. These habitats have their own micro-climate that is kept regulated and isn’t too affected by the surrounding conditions. That same company now employs more than 50,000 mexican workers, “in hellholes like reynosa”. The brush has two sides: with spikes on one side and natural bristles on the other. Work shampoo into pet's coat until a lather is formed.

Manure control--last but certainly not least. Their analysis suggests that it is not any single compound but instead the mixture of different chemicals that produces the fruit’s powerful stench. "so talk while i work. Find one near you via the free online native plants nursery directory. Another board-certified pathologist reviewed the specimen and concurs. We learn the meaning (the connotation) of odors by association. The surgery will not prevent subsequent bouts of blockage, and may slightly predispose the cat to bladder infections.

Lavender (lilac) tabby - milky cream base, frosty grey markings. I didn't realize that not all vets were on the same page with this until i started posting in this forum. “so, i mean…well, i’m approaching the end of my studies and i wanted to express my full intention to humbly ask—”. Keep in mind; cats have a very sensitive nose as compare to humans. Strip the labels off of three bottles and use battery powered led lights to avoid having to cut into the glass. The next process is per-fusion in which the oxygen is separated from the inhaled air and sent to blood. Eventually, just say the word “move” and offer a sweeping gesture for the cat to obey—and, you’ve avoided an encounter that could otherwise cause a bite. Also do it out loud, but not better in public, we do not want anyone to think that you’re going crazy / a.

It may be a standard uti, which is common in female animals because of their anatomy, cystitis (bladder infammation), or even kidney issues. ” when your pet rolls in something smelly in the yard or on a walk. These foods are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients that help strengthen teeth and gums, making them less susceptible to decay and erosion. Be aware that many, if not the majority of vets simply don't know the correct way to treat diabetic cats. Petdrz : you are welcome and i hope this resolves without a vet visit, but if not, better to get it taken care of soon.

Better cosmetic outcome – old open wounds that do eventually heal often leave large scars. An hour later i usually begin to detect a whisper of terpenic conifers which become supporting players as the spices withdraw and norne cools and softens with the moss and lichen; fresher, colder and greener than before. 3% of dogs during the fda study. Possibly, some viruses or bacterial infections trigger their formation. There are three main defense zones that you need to cover when effectively applying a fly control treatment. It is non-toxic and safe to use around family and pets. 4 make sure your cat has fresh, clean water every day. Some cats are bored and frustrated with a sedentary lifestyle and/or being indoors. Get the feliway collar or even cheaper, make your own out of quiet moments spray for cats and a jaunty bandana. Is that type of profiling fair.

I've had a problem with my male cat spraying for a while now and an effective way to get rid of the smell is arm and hammer pet odor spray. It’s also a major financial investment. So sleeping for a long time is a normal part of your cat’s daily routine. Then add bitter gourd/karela. A: yes it does, i have a cat. If it hasn't worked, check everything out before spending any more money. Sartori, is a leading name in fine wines from northeast.

Here are some suggestions on how to get rid of the odor from your child's sneakers:. This article will cover some anti-anxiety medication for felines. Hydriodic acid:  a corrosive acid that is colorless when freshly prepared. Is this something that you should use year round on your pets. Why does a dog smell like a dead dog. Other cats entering into your garden or are coming into your area. Here are some suggestions that may help you convince your cat to return to his litter box to pee.

" if your cat is using the box like a champ, keep doing what you're doing. My mom is tired of stepping in his little piles ;p. There are specifically designed flea combs that you can purchase at your local pet store. Though you can wash some bedding in the washing machine, others are more difficult to do so frequently. Procedure, which may damage the kidneys. Nevertheless, it has been observed that occurrence of bv has connection with an imbalance of bacterial concentration in the vaginal region. We love how it is that our cat uses a litter box so we never have to run home in time to walk her the way our dog-owning friends do; in return, our responsibility is to keep the litter box clean.

Thyme – if growing thyme, make sure that the seeds you use are untreated and that the soil used for potting is sterilized. If you are fortunate enough. Even if we clean it up she goes back and does the same thing. If your cat is undergoing an anesthetic procedure, we will automatically trim his/her's nails at no charge. Caused by a malformation of the vertebrae, this disability is lifelong question: i found a manx kitten about six weeks old. You can see the little ducts (think tear ducts) where the fluid comes out- obviously between the lumps and the anus. Your cat is far more likely to simply be scared of you as opposed to stopping whatever she was doing when you squirted her. Indoors in homes and is also suggested for spraying lawns, outdoor areas for fleas,. We advise you to take your cat to see a vet if you suspect that she has mange, and then you can talk with him/her about alternative ways of treatment. Foreleg vein, said she was pretty dehydrated.

Low blood pressure and anemia can result from the blood loss. If you have more than one cat using a single litter box, then a more powerful deodorizer is what you need. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to clean the litter box at least once daily. This can mean an approach to doing something e. Spray cookie sheet with vegetable oil spray. Cat sitting at your feet. Behavioural changes such as restlessness, listlessness, hiding away or refusal to eat. How to remove the smell of cat pee from a backpack mary ylisela.

They are not a recognized problem in cats. Male cat urine fucking stinks, you will never get rid of that smell, and they spray. Your dog got hit by a car and is peeing blood. Of declawed cats confirm this theory. My friend doug and i used to play a game where he’d pretend to insult my weight while i dined on taco via. Otherwise just go to your nearest pet store and ask them for something to calm cats. Do you have a cat who might kill the lizards and drop them near the water. I am not sure where the vacuum line comes from on a ’96 blazer, but i have only heard of it coming from two places;.

And yes, when a cat has hairballs, they can vomit clear liquid (stomach acids). Declawing is a permanent surgery, akin to an amputation which physically removes the last joints on the cat’s paws. Is there a cat that people are not allergic to. Cat needs them to be met, trouble flares. Any suggestions i even bought over the counter anxiety meds. “do people actually buy that stuff.

) it's an acidic wine that often has a strong grapefruit quality, a pleasing dryness on a hot day. Leave for 20 minutes or longer if possible and then rinse off with clean water. Catteries, including ours, wont board an entire male after 8/9mths because of the spraying and the smell is awful, and almost impossible to get rid of. Unlike a dog, you can't assume a simple collar will hold around a cat - you do need a harness that fits around the shoulder and rib cage and has straps that run between the front legs. Pets that are very fearful of noises might need a prescription of anti-anxiety medication from their veterinarian. It is essential that some liquid pharmaceuticals such as insulin be kept refrigerated because they deteriorate very quickly even at normal room temperature. Go eco-friendly, and save both your nerves and your health. But she is a highly functional blind cat. Find the cause for stress and get therapy if needed.

Bitter apple small animal spray’s original formula was developed by a pharmacist in 1960. But if you eliminate the physical, all that really remains is gender stereotypes. Any thundershirt experience begins with selecting a garment. Despite these disadvantages, the felioca is still considered the all-around best (normal) means of huffing for serious huffers and those with cat allergies. Losing the ability to walk, and develop serious epilepsy issues.

How To Get Rid Of Male Cat Spray Smell Outside

I have dogs and cats and since i use these natural pest controls there are no fleas anymore and they not getting bothered from ticks, mosquitoes or such. Be very diligent taping the section off, let me make myself extremely clear here…. I was just another desperate cat owner, trying hard to make those pills land inside my cat :). Once you trap the cat (see below), you can take it to a veterinarian to see if the cat has a microchip implant. Essential oils, please make sure the oils are 100 percent pure. Implement the “do nothing” rule. Often, it can be extremely difficult to find any fleas. Or they were simply incorrigible or out of control. • a sweet smell could mean diabetes. They can use the cat door.

They just had more choices of cough syrups and allergy tablets like allegra, loratadine, benadryl, the list goes on. "i'm a little overwhelmed today. Many dogs or cats are euthanized daily. Hello kitty -- despite having a name that's 50 percent devoted to the term that refers to a young cat -- is no feline. You may be aware that over 70% of u. Reduced aggression towards other cats,  due lo lack of testosterone. As it clears, in the middle of the fight appears a mad eyed man in black with a massive curly fro of hair. Thank you, now my husband will stop making fun of my third nipple.

Male cat spray has additionalhormones in it that makes it smell particularly bad, along withbeing hard to get rid of. Have we a natural example of this behavior. She asked the local police department about using pepper spray and they recommended to her that she get a can of wasp spray instead. I also think that the premise of 30 days is highly overstated. Excessive drinking and urination can be signs of diabetes, kidney failure, and more. You have now inspired me to think through a blog. I would also be sure to treat them the same day.

Also, the use of certain medications and food additives (such as olestra in potato chips) has been associated with steatorrhea. Place the slices in a pint of water and bring it to a boil. A) get some rescue remedy - this is easily available from any chemist or health food store, and pop a goodly squirt into his water bowl - this is fantastic stuff. They have emotions, but it always comes down to blueprints of the animal. Least amount of cleaning products as possible to get rid of your stain {including any natural cleaners}  it is actually better to use too little cleaner and have to repeat the process rather than overload on cleaning product the first time and be left with too much residue. These receptive periods are called "heats",and during heat some dogs may spot blood; this can be confused withmenstruation, but is not the same thing. Add detergent according to how much is written on the package instruction. My 5 month old had these black strings in her poop yesterday, i took a picture of the diaper & brought her to the doctor but they couldn’t give me any answers. Naturally, most cats don’t freak out over every little thing, but you can never be sure what an individual cat will react to. You're doing the right thing by getting him checked over.

We then washed them with dawn dish detergent. We never wear dirty clothes in there only straight from shower. Second, the oils can be found in a wide range of concentrations. Thank you-i may look into that litter-it is so touch and go to figure out what triggers her asthma-i can say that i do not think the litter has been the issue-i have not noticed a difference in changing the litter-i think pollen triggers it for sure. Of course, if all this sounds too much, you can also just take your cat to your vet or a professional groomer :-). It isn't so much the leather portion of the chair - that is easily cleaned but there is urine all over the metal working parts on the underside of the chair. The sound-generating device can upset a cat or dog who isn’t even the one attempting to approach the tree. How to get rid male cat spray smell. I was curious if spraying a snake with pepper spray would deter a snake.

If you own an aggressive dog you need my dvd titled dealing with dominant & aggressive dogs.  you can’t do just one thing in one area and expect any results and you can’t just do it once. If there are a few places in particular where the cat perpetually sprays in your house i would put a small litter tray on the spot. For more information on international deliveries, please see our. Position the film so it's centered on the glass and spray with the solution. Soaking your feet in a bath of epsom salts will also kill the bacteria while also relaxing your muscles. It wasn't long after we put up the purrfect fence when nature in a grander scale seemed to challenge us. Cats can be attacked by parasites, such as ringworm, heartworm, hookworm, and roundworm. That constant sexual intercourse without breeding could cause. Despite vigourously brushing my teeth, gargling with mouthwash and trying to think only good-smelling thoughts the night of the demo, i woke up the next day with a taste in my mouth that can only be accurately described as ‘wet hobo jeans’.

Use it on plants that are fighting bacterial infections and as a preventative measure. It is legal in all u. Suede, making the finished result even worse than the stain itself. Keep in mind that relationships in cats are usually between pairs of cats. So, until work on fixing his potty habits, don't let him on the bed. Oh, who am i kidding…. I am looking at buying a house that might have had meth lab in it.

A typical encapsulation requires sealing off acres points of entry for air. Although west nile virus (wnv) is found in pigeons, they are an unsuitable or “dead end” host for this viral disease. You can get more information from your state radon office or from qualified contractors. Start with a fourth of a cup. Thank you for your confirmation that i am at least, doing all the right things. It can be difficult to differentiate between agrimony and oak but agrimony has a lot of torment , restlessness, and worry which is covered up by cheerfulness, and an agrimony personality will always avoid battles and arguments.

“because it doesn’t hurt anymore”, she replied. Stay out with him a few times so you can encourage him and then try him "on his own". Spiders will eat each other, so keep only one per jar. Secretion, mixing and breaking down, as it is in the cow, for example. Try moving the box to their preferred location and slowly moving it back to where it should be or move it to several different areas until it becomes comfortable with one. I have had rabbits since i was 10 and i have picked up a few things along the way. To your own vet for an enema and sub cutaneous fluids. Another query from another cat owner. However, spiders prefer covered, secluded areas and it can be sometimes not easy to reach them in these locations with a contact spray.

I think, in the long run, the. All fabrics – whether in new clothing for people or pets, whether in draperies or furniture, whether in cat or dog beds, carpets, cat trees, and so on – all fabrics are full of formaldehyde to preserve them in the warehouses before we even get to see them in the stores. Except for grim winter mornings when our dad did give my brother and me a lift on his way to work, our parents would always tell us that getting to school was our responsibility, not theirs. Tylenol and chocolate are both. Lectade is an oral re-hydration therapy for cats and dogs and can be used to reverse. I think i wrote on this post already about my stinky sketchers but i have found a solution. Are the larval (six-legged) stage of a predator mite. It’s probably like walking into a porta-potty right after someone sprayed flowery room spray in there. Generally speaking this means to cut grains and fiber-rich vegetables and to boost meat (and meat by-products) servings.

Feel it, if it's sharp (the crystal stuff) how would you like to walk barefoot on it. If it does i can apply some zinsser bin to seal it and install new flooring. If memory foam is not allowed to breath properly, mold can be the unfortunate result. • the rotating mechanism and sensors inside are designed to sense the presence of medium and larger cats.   the fleas get the tapeworms by feeding on animals that are infected with them and ingesting the larvae. Of recurrent episodes took the oral antifungal fluconazole (diflucan) weekly for 6 months; during that time the rate of recurring infection dropped 90%. They then finish the song. “the creamy formula blends out beautifully and stays on even when it gets wet,” juli says.

Coleus plants are one of the rare plants that are grown almost exclusively for colorful foliage. Francesco marciuliano assembles works from cats around the world expressing their perspectives. I also think that skynyrd song where he is like ohhhh ohhhh that smell, gotta have that smell" is talking about just this subject. But let’s use some common sense with our ideas about lure and its ability in the real world. Even though it may hurt, the way to teach your cat to stop is to not pull back when it does it so that it knows you are the toughest one. How do i get rid of the smell after my male cat has sprayed practically everything in my house. Spray cotton balls with the solution and set them in the locations as well. But vets, just like people, have all different opinions about those things. In regards to feeding, what dry food would you recommend and how much of it. It soured in her bowl.

Queenie was a large tabby cat with an attitude and huge paws. When it comes to cleaning up a puddle of pee or the results of spray, getting up as much of the liquid as possible will limit the damage to whatever it was on, and make removing the smell properly and thoroughly easier. So i guess what i wanted to share is 1) if you’re new to this heartbreak of shedding, what is horrifying now will get better, even if you just learn to deal with it better. Another potential cause is location: the box may be in an area the cat feels is too busy or is too stressful for him to do his business properly. Prairie girl begrudgingly returned the bunny to the annoyed cat, and i couldn’t help but smile at the thought of my blonde-headed little girl wrestling a headless rabbit from the mouth of a hungry kitty. Vinegar offers several practical uses in gardening, notably the management of bothersome weeds. When possible to return to. I almost died when i caught her "snorting it". In desperation, i went to amazon. Also, i found that by distracting him when i notice he's about to scratch the furniture or the wall by tossing a toy or calling his name nicely (not yelling at him), was a good way to help him forget that he wanted to scratch in the first place.

Africa:  a lion whose attack on a michael hodge, owner of marakele predator centre in limpopo province was recorded in a graphic video has been killed. When an antibiotic is prescribed for a cat by a vet, it should taketwo-three days to begin showing effects. But others worry that the added calcium will speed the formation. Just another post to agree with "most" of whats above - i have a brother & sister cat i got from a rescue place when they were 12 weeks. The cat in women's dreams usually represents how the woman views herself. Been having with my bitches. These act to release pheromones that are soothing to the cat and take away stress. But few men have symptoms or other problems severe enough to need surgery. I had a problem with one male cat, and it's usually just one cos they're teritorial and your house is now part of his territory, so no other tom cat is going to piss in yer house until it's defeated that tom. He started peeing on our bed clothes or clothes left on the floor about a year and a half ago.